The EyeCheq device performs 4 FREE tests that can help detect issues with your vision and your health.

Check your eye symptoms to discover any issues and possible treatment options

The eye chart test allows you to understand how well you are seeing

The eye measurement test can identify visual issues that may require glasses or contact lenses

A retinal picture can uncover health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure that can affect your vision and body.

No large upfront cost

Meet your HEDIS measurements and elevates your STAR rating


No staff training or time required

Place anywhere in the office (even your waiting room)

Places you can find EyeCheq




Doctor Offices



Why this is important...

Less than 50%

of patients are getting the required diabetic retinopathy evaluations.

Early Detection

and treatment can prevent blindess caused by diabetic retinopathy.

+35 Million

people in the US are at risk for sight threatening blindness from diabetes.

How our Partners Benefit


No training or implementation time required to screen patients

Close Care Gaps

Closes the diabetic retinal exam care gap for HEDIS/Star quality measures


Dedicated CPT codes 92228,92229


No large upfront cost, simple monthly payment

Screen Everyone

No staff required to screen every patient for eye conditions

Are you a health plan or healthcare provider looking to partner with EyeCheq for Diabetic Retinopathy Evaluations?